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The YMCA Child Learning Center is a child development program with a rich educational foundation. We take learning seriously and recognize that even the youngest children are active learners. We are here to meet your needs and offer flexible enrollment options.

Why choose Child Learning Center in Annandale?

  • Nationally recognized, Creative Curriculum
  • Dedicated and professional teaching team
  • Grow New Jersey Certified
  • Healthy U partnership with New Jersey YMCA State Alliance and the Horizon Foundation
  • Convenient hours and location
  • NORWESCAP accepted
baby playing with toy on floor

Infant Programs

The very youngest at our YMCA Child Learning Center have a special need for high quality programs and well trained staff.  Your baby needs close relationships with a small number of caring people in a safe and predictable setting.  The YMCA Child Learning Center offers this nurturing in an environment that best meets the needs of your child. Our infant classroom is for babies 6 weeks through 1 year.

playground children


Toddlers, ages 2-3 years-old  are active learners. Our classroom provides an environment that is full of exploration and self-discovery to encourage your child’s growing independence. They are submerged in a day that is filled with a balance of active learning experiences and individualized attention.

child care teacher

Preschool and Pre-K programs

At the YMCA Child Learning Center our Preschool and Pre-K classrooms have adopted the nationally recognized Teaching Strategies:  Creative Curriculum, which provides a framework for our environment, your child’s daily schedule, learning experiences and interactions with adults and peers.  Our program provides your child with a balance of structured and independent activities and builds the foundations for academic and social competence.

Monthly Rates

  # of Days Full Day
Infants 3 $1334
Infants 4 $1470
Infants 5 $1633
Waddler 3 $1250
Waddler 4 $1381
Waddler 5 $1533
Toddler 3 $1113
Toddler 4 $1224
Toddler 5 $1381
Preschool 3 $1008
Preschool 4 $1150
Preschool 5 $1271
PreK 3 $977
PreK 4 $1119
PreK 5 $1245

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