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Make the most of your child's school days off with the YMCA's Day Off School Camp, where fun and enriching activities await. From art and music to sports, games, and supervised swimming, our program offers a dynamic and engaging environment for kids to enjoy their time off school. Join us for days filled with creativity, adventure, and social interaction within the secure and supportive setting of the YMCA.

Day Off School Camp

Kids enjoy a fun day of traditional camp activities including art, music, sports, games and swimming during a scheduled day off from school.

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Ability Day Off School Camp

Day off school camp is available for children of all abilities on days when schools are closed and families are looking for fun, safe and engaging coverage for their children. Elementary (age 6-12) and teen (age 13-21) groups available.

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Esports Day Off School Camps

Grades 1-7 | Make the most of a school-free day by exploring the world esports and gaming with friends. Transform your day off into an adventure of creativity, collaboration, and exciting games!     

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