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Show your appreciation by submitting a 'Bright Spot' for a dedicated YMCA employee or co-worker who has made a positive impact. Share your recognition and gratitude for their exceptional efforts and contributions. Help us celebrate the excellence within our YMCA community.

Who can submit a Bright Spot?
Fellow Staff/Peers, Members, Managers, Parents of students...Anyone at the Y!

What do you need to do?

  1. Simply click on the <Bright Spot link>
  2. Include employee’s name (first and last if possible) and their class or department.
  3. Tell us how this staff member made your Y experience exceptional!

Will the staff know that they were nominated? Absolutely! Bright Spots will be shared with the nominated staff member and their manager - We look forward to your feedback!

Send a Bright Spot

Recognize Outstanding Y Staff

One of the best ways to become better is to learn what is working right - Bright Spots allows the organization to highlight and learn from those staff that is affecting members and coworkers in positive ways.