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Our Milford-based preschool offers programs for children age 2-1/2-age 4.

Why the Milford preschool?

  • Small class size
  • Low teacher to child ratio
  • Flexible morning and extended day schedules.
  • Nationally recognized Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum
  • Healthy U Program

Non-refundable registration fee of $40 for all programs.

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Growing Up Wild Summer Program

For ages 3-5 | Join us for a summer of exploration and wonder as your child experiences wildlife and the world around them.

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young school age children in library

2-1/2 year old classroom

Our caring, attentive staff is dedicated to providing young preschoolers a smooth transition from the home environment to a group situation. Children must be 2½ years old by September 1.

child care children with hands up

Preschool - age 3

Our three year olds are encouraged to develop independence, socialize, and participate in a group setting. Children learn to make choices, to take initiative, to form social connections and to make friends. Three year olds are natural learners who thrive in an environment rich in hands-on learning and opportunities for self-discovery. Children should be 3 years old by October 1 and toilet-trained.

child running to school bus

Pre-Kindergarten - age 4

Four-year olds enter preschool with a wider range of experiences and are offered a more challenging program. Curriculum and structure prepare children for entering Kindergarten. Children are given the opportunity to grow socially, physically, intellectually, and emotionally through a stimulating, creative approach to learning. Children should be 4 years old by October 1 and toilet-trained.

2024/2025 Monthly Rates 

 # of DaysHoursRate
On My Own - age 2-1/22 mornings9:15-11:15 AM$233
Preschool - age 32 mornings9:00-11:30 AM$311
Preschool - age 32 half days9 AM-1 PM$367
Preschool - age 33 half days9 AM-1 PM$464
Preschool - age 35 half days9 AM-1 PM$621
PreK - age 43 half days9 AM-1 PM$464
PreK -age 45 half days9 AM-1 PM$621
Preschool - age 33 full days9 AM-5 PM$897
Preschool - age 35 full days9 AM-5 PM$1242
PreK -age 43 full days9 AM-5 PM$927
PreK -age 45 full days9 AM-5 PM$1242

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