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Ignite your passion for dance with our diverse dance program, catering to all ages and abilities. Our youth dance classes in tap, ballet, jazz, and hip hop provide a foundation for budding dancers, while adults can find their groove in our specialized classes and workshops.

The Y Dance Academy in Central Bucks County takes the spotlight, enchanting audiences with seasonal recitals that showcase the incredible talent of our students.

And for the ultimate dance experience, don't miss our exhilarating summer camps, where participants can immerse themselves in the world of dance while forming lasting connections with fellow enthusiasts. Join us for a dance journey that celebrates creativity, expression, and the joy of movement.

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Youth Dance Classes

Weekly classes offered for a variety of ages including preschool and school age children in ballet, tap, jazz and combo.

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Adult Dance

Adult dance provides instruction and practice on rhythm, coordination and balance through the teaching of isolated steps and combinations.


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Y Dance Academy, Doylestown: Meet our Instructors

Our Dance Instructors are experts in the field of dance and teaching progressive and age-appropriate technique.


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