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The YMCA has partnered with Metro Esports to produce a multiplayer Minecraft experience, centered around weekly stat tracking challenges, consistent, structured, staff lead events, and housing a safe, exciting environment for kids of all ages through a medieval themed (Java version only) server.

Major Features


  • Spawn city, themed around the three playable races
  • Three playable characters (Human, Dwarf, Elf)
  • Three playable classes (Farmer, Swordsman or Blacksmith)
  • Nine new or enhanced skills
  • Weekly challenges
  • Monthly events

Minor Features

  • Player shop
  • Player currency/economy
  • Prebuilt houses for purchase in spawn city
  • Metro Minecraft store with LootBoxes (coming later on)

Monthly Events

  • PvP Battle
  •  Build Off
  • Skyblock
  • Parkour
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • and so much more…

Weekly Stat Challenges

  • PvP Eliminations
  • Distance Traveled, most blocks placed, and most fall damage taken
  • Archery and Landscaping Skills
  • and so much more…

Server Address:

If you’re a Doylestown YMCA member, and would like access to our server, send an email to with your First and Last name, and your Minecraft username.

This server is monitored from the inside and out 24/7 to ensure a toxic-free, safe, kid-friendly multiplayer experience.  


Contact Metro at the Y