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Elevate your gymnastic skills with the YMCA's comprehensive gymnastics program, spanning from parent/child and preschool tumbling classes to our progressive gymnastics teams and the nationally ranked Infinity Gymnastics team. Our program offers an inclusive environment for gymnasts of all ages and levels, encouraging skill development, balance, and flexibility. Whether you're a young beginner just starting out, a competitive gymnast aiming for excellence, or a parent looking to engage in a fun and bonding activity, the YMCA gymnastics program is a perfect fit. Join us for a journey of flips, tumbles, and vaults in a supportive and dynamic community that fosters both personal growth and athletic achievement.

Summer camps also available. 

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Parent/Child & Tumbling Classes

Learn and explore the basics of the sport.


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Progressive Gymnastics

Athletes progress through gymnastics levels, learning skills in a progressive format. Students are evaluated every other month to monitor progress and proceed through levels.


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Competitive Gymnastics Team, Quakertown

Athletes in our competitive gymnastics team will be invited to join after finishing Level 4 class in progressive classes. The Quakertown gymnastics center features a full competitive 45’x45’ AAI spring floor, a 60 ' additional spring tumbling strip, 2  AAI vaulting tables, two competitive AAI bar sets and seven balance beams (four of which are AAI spring competition beams) and 30′ long TumblTrak. Gymnasts have the opportunity to compete at the local, state, regional and national level. The Quakertown team holds several state titles and has gymnasts qualify at the national level for YMCA Nationals for the past 20 years.

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