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Y Wellness My Way - Let's Get Started, is a personalized, four-week wellness program that helps to keep you accountable while connecting you with others. With the support of fitness professionals, you will learn how to set and reach your goals over a four-week period. Get ready to experience results! 

Designed for all members looking to adopt healthy lifestyle choices for long-lasting wellness, Let’s Get Started will explore the following topics each week:

Week 1 - The Power of Movement, Just Start!  Set realistic goals. Start slowly and build gradually
Week 2 - Keep Going! Healthy Habits - Create habits that stick be consistent
Week 3 - Your individual wellness -  Start your day in a positive way
Week 4 - Set up for Success - Reward yourself

Online Registration 

Upcoming program start dates:
April 8
October 7

Enrollment is limited to one time per member. 


Really helped me get back...

The Y Wellness My Way program really helped me get back into the swing of things. I was away from the Y for 16 months due to the pandemic and was feeling very isolated and unfit. When I returned it was clear that I had lost muscle and gained fat.
I started exercising on my own but was basically unfamiliar with all the new resources the Y has to offer. Thanks to the Y Wellness My Way weekly online meetings and checklist ‘assignments’, I set some realistic strength-building goals, adopted two new healthy habits (including stress relief), identified a positive quote to start each day.
I also received valuable tips on a more efficient approach to my strength training, and guidance on my progress via InBody scan results. My sincere thanks to the YMCA and Jen Gaj for this timely and helpful program,
Barbara M

Great four weeks...

This was a great 4 weeks. I definitely feel more inspired to make many small changes in my life that will hopefully last forever!